A Strong Female Protagonist

Everything about the gaming industry in it’s current state is very clearly built around appeasing their primary audience or whom the industry may perceive as the largest audience.

Gender representation and more specifically the portrayal of women is a big topic right now in video games. Within the vast library of content we have to pick from, how is that the portrayal, roles, and playable options for female gamers and game characters appear to be so narrow?

And when I refer to narrow options, I mean in terms of how these characters look and interact with the environment they are confined to. Not just as a different skin on a model 3d model, but a wholly unique character.

As a male gamer I have a myriad of well options to choose from when representing myself in a game. But I am rarely impressed with what people think is a Strong Female Protagonist.

In this first episode I sit down and have a chat with my buddy and fellow gamer, Stacie about her thoughts on female representation in games.

Special Thanks

Illustartion - Evan McIntyre

Audio Consulting - Josh Hunt

Music - Anamanaguchi - Dawn Metropolis