Agency Through An Avatar


Something you create and also take with you. A reflection of you, but not of your image.

Avatars in games are not a new thing. Being represented as a 3D photo realistic polygonal model, is a far cry from our humble start. Our beginnings as paddle in space, or a hungry little mouth running from ghosts, or even a plumber trying to rescue a princess.

Inanimate objects in I Am Toast, anthropomorphized Raving Rabbits, or a simple adventurer with pointy ears and sword are us. They are extend us in that virtual plane as we conduct their movements, agonize over their steps.

These pixel powered apparitions are more than figures moving on our every whim. We can find ourselves attached to these surrogates, especially the ones we design ourselves. Spending an hour or more in a character creation screen, tweaking every possible combination until we have designed that next perfect reflection.

My friend David will tell us about his, a red headed paladin that fights to protect those less fortunate. She has had a long history with him and it is amazing.

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Special Thanks

Illustartion - Evan McIntyre

Music & Audio Consulting - Josh Hunt

Background Music - Artist: Asthetic
Track: Space Trip II Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix