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Between Players
Between Players
Borderlands 3

Episode 018


The Borderlands series is near and dear to my heart. And my brother Rob and I took some time to dig into the parts of the game that we found awesome and what wasn’t so great. We played Borderlands 2 for countless hours and between all the expansions we were ready to be on the latest chapter of the Vault hunters.

A little more than a year ago we waited for Borderlands 3 to open up for purchase outside of the Epic store, which in general as a PC casual, wasn’t the worst thing and we don’t have anything against multiple launchers, but we are pretty embedded as Steam users.

On this episode of the podcast, we discussed the Story, Audio, Graphics, and Gameplay mechanics that we enjoyed during our 35~hour play-through of the main campaign. On the whole we enjoyed the gameplay and the possibilities that this title opens up for the Borderlands universe. No longer tied to Sanctuary we are free to explore a vast universe of vaults and monsters as a Flak and Amara.

Overall we recommend picking up the title, and are looking forward to playing through the expansions this fall.

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Guest – Rob Meyer

IllustrationEvan McIntyre