The Last Guardian

I talk through my expectations and reactions to Fumito Uedo’s The Last Guardian. A game that many, including myself, never assumed would ever see the light of day.

Between Players
Between Players
The Last Guardian

Episode 004

A short reflection on this long awaited/forgotten title that doesn’t quite hit all the notes for me.

Hello there friends and listeners, thank you again for your time in listing to my thoughts and ideas. On this occasion, I wanted to be able to deliver all my thoughts regarding the latest title from Fumito Ueda while it was still a strong impression.

I wasn’t necessarily waiting for The Last Guardian to ever arrive. I figured it would have had the slow death of silence that so many titles like it experienced during the generational changes in hardware. Clearly, TeamIco had missed the PS3 window entirely, and aside from an HD Collection re-release of the first two games, I had assumed Trico had been put to bed.

But lo, in the final quarter of 2016, just as it seemed the universe was opening and interdimensional rift above us, a shower of titles came rushing through the gates.

Trico seemed to crash through many reviewers without much of a beating, and I think it could have been a little more seriously critiqued as something of an exercise in too little, too late. While filled to the brim with captivating art and mysteries to behold in our imaginations, gameplay controls and frame-rates all seemed to bore down on the quality of the title.

Do you think I have missed the mark on this?

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