Review: The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is a short and smart 60’s pulp sci-fi fever dream, that wears its influences on its sleeve and doesn’t have any problem being self-aware while doing so.

Between Players
Between Players
Review: The Outer Worlds

Episode 021

It may come as no surprise that my brother Rob and I have some shared taste in the world of Video Games. As it happens he and I both wrapped up an initial play through of the Outer Worlds by Obsidian Games’ Special Division. On a scale of Buy, Try, or Skip: We unanimously put this game in the Buy category with a small asterisk, try to buy on sale 😉

A review summary

Private Division is the team of writers designers and developers that built The Outer Worlds most of whom are members of the same team that worked on Obsidian’s Fallout New Vegas, a game that has been praised for its gray morality scale and multi-optional approach to quest narrative solutions.

This 60’s pulp sci-fi fever dream wears its influences on its sleeve and doesn’t have any problem being self-aware while doing so. One thing that cannot be denied about the title, is the overall charm in nearly all of the dialogue. Many of your options in game dialogue are pulled/influenced directly by the statistics that you have built your character from.

There is a lot of wise cracking snark and political critiques about how a universe of corporate overlords would be a dystopia run by despotic and largely idiotic bureaucrats that are barely able to organize the means of production.

Disrupting these cold machincations with all manner of leverage, especially the “science” oriented weapons, makes for some clever engagements, familiar puzzles, and occaisional annoying spikes in monster

The Outer Worlds – on Steam.

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