Divinity: Original Sin 2

Between Players
Between Players
Divinity: Original Sin 2

Episode 020


Over the course of approximately 120+ hours, my brother Rob and I dove head first into Larian Studios second entry in their Divinity series. We pulled four heroes through the Rivellon on a quest to command the source and ascend to divinity. On a scale of Buy, Try, or Skip: I landed at a Try, and Rob landed in-between Buy-Try.

A review summary

Do you like to play Dungeons & Dragons, tactical RPGs, or make a custom character class, like a Theif-Necromancer (Theifromancer)? Do you like a world with multiple branching paths, steep learning curves, and different ways to solve problems, that largely result in you having to fight if I am honest?

If most or all of these things scream YES to you than Divinity 2 is your jam. And thankfully, you have access to it on nearly every platform from PC to Switch. We rocked through it on Steam with a few quality of life mods in the final 8-10 hours of play, but we both agree, it would be worth while to install a few to maximize your enjoyment.

While much of the game was difficult and some of the systems could have been explained better, we made it through and would overall recommend people to at least try it out.

We are looking forward to seeing what Larian does next.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – on Steam

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Guest – Rob Meyer

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