Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Between Players
Between Players
Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Episode 017


Final Fantasy is so apart of the cultural zeitgeist that it can be hard to talk about it with fresh appreciation. Danh and I come from slightly different experiences with the Final Fantasy VII, but our reactions are nearly the same to this revision. There are changes from the source story that aren’t insignificant. For every element in the game that received a visual or audio upgrade, there seemed to be a corresponding extension or game-play addition.

It’s been some 20 some years since I played the original Final Fantasy VII. So many of the memories and emotions I felt while playing the “Remake,” were different for Danh as he was just getting into the original on Nintendo Switch. One really interesting thing about the Switch edition is the ability to play in “God Mode,” which allows you to play the through battles and the story without the need to level.

Square Enix has delivered a truly eye-ball achingly good looking game. There seems to be an enthusiasm to make something familiar and yet somehow new. The sound track is also second to none. And at this moment is most financially accessible on the Google Play Store.

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